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MS Makeover Health & Wellness Coaching

Do you feel like you know what your health care provider suggests for a better outcome with MS but are struggling to get done? Are you sometimes confused about what changes would help and how to make changes with MS in the mix? Do you ever feel like the MS has taken over your life and your actions have little impact?  Are you afraid of doing the wrong thing and bringing on an attack of MS?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, it may be time to reach out for coaching! 

My knowledge of MS offers a key ingredient to be able to guide you in safely making changes and working with your health care team to succeed in reaching your goals.


Whether the MS is a new intrusion or has been part of your life for a while, it's always  a great time for a MS Makeover Health and Wellness Coach!

All Coaches have different styles and areas of expertise.  It’s important that you find the best fit for you.  As a Mayo Clinic Trained Wellness Coach, I follow the Mayo Clinic Coaching Model allowing you to be the expert in your own life.  By using a variety of motivational and behavior change techniques, you will be amazed at the knowledge and the answers that already exist inside you.

You are stronger and more powerful than you think you are!

For more information on 1:1 Coaching  OR  for more information on Group Coaching, click on "schedule a consult".

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